Testimonial from my happy home buyers!

We had been to Victoria many times in the past few years, but our attention was all about family. We knew that it was a lovely city, but we really did not know the residential side. When we
decided to relocate here we did not know what was available to rent or buy and where we wanted to live. What we did know was that it had to be central to transportation as one of us did not
We required a real estate agent that had a great deal of experience regarding cost, availability, liveability, transportation and areas that suited our requirements and finances. Fortunately we had relatives in the city that had had many real estate dealings over the years. They recommended Jane Johnston who would fill our needs and let us decide what we wanted rather
than push us into something that we ultimately would regret purchasing. We were very pleased with the choice.
Jane initially met with us and took note of what it was that we wanted, even though we were not sure what it was that we could afford or what and where it was available. Jane was very patient
with us. She put us on a database showing what was available, and provided us with a Victoria Real Estate Board Map Book to let us travel on our own; and at our own pace and get to see the
city and its neighbourhoods.
It took a few weeks but Jane never once got impatient with us and took us to see several homes “live” that we liked online. Many of the homes that looked very nice online were either not in areas that we liked or would require extensive renovations that we were not prepared to tackle.
In a tight market such as Victoria, you have to act fast when the opportunity arises and we were
the “turtle to the hare” with our caution, but with each “loss” Jane became more and more aware of what we needed. When the opportunity came for a house that really filled our needs and
desires. Jane was ready. She could feel or know that it was right for us and had us visit the place within the hour. It was the right place for us and we had our offer in and accepted that day. If we had waited it would have been sold.
We are now in our new home and could not be happier. Thank you Jane. ~ Fred & Diane

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