Moving Checklist

Briar Hill Group Sellers’ Moving Guide

We’ve created this list to help you organize your move a bit better.

Most of it will apply to you, although some of it is for people moving a bit farther away. The overall purpose of it is to ensure that the move is as smooth as possible for you. We hope you find it useful.

Note: It’s handy to note whom you are receiving mail from for the month prior to moving and keep a list and/or notify them as the mail comes in.


PART A – Leave a Note for New Owners


It’s very welcoming and handy for the new owners to have a note explaining the unique and perhaps quirky things about your house such as:

o   where the water shut off is for the house

o   A list of contractors you’ve used to maintain your house who know how it works, how it’s wired.

o   Notes about helpful neighbours who have helped you in the past



Notify o   Post Office – return key if necessary. Leave note for new owners where mail is delivered and what box number it is.

o   Change your address online at Canada Post.com

o   Send email to friends and relatives – put WE”VE MOVED: NEW ADDRESS in subject line

o   Advise Credit Card Companies – either by phone or on their website

o   Mail Order Companies

o   Paypal and other online payment companies

o   Vehicle Registration Bureau

o   Driver’s Licence/ Government

o   Health Insurance

o   Church

o   Employer

o   Magazines

o   Newspaper Delivery

Discontinue OR Forward to New address o   Electricity

o   Gas/Fuel/Oil

o   Water

o   Telephone

o   Cable/Entertainment Rentals

o   Lawn or Snow Service

o   Garbage Collection

o   Household Cleaning Service

o   Food Service

o   Daycare

o   Laundry/Dry Cleaning

Transfer o   House/Car Insurance

o   Medical Doctor

o   Optometrist

o   Dental Records

o   Club Memberships

o   School Records

o   Bank Records

o   Veterinarian Records

o   Legal Contracts






Weeks Before Moving


Consider a Garage Sale?

Tour your house, including attic, garage, storage shed and decide what to:

Keep, Donate,




Movers and ask for accurate estimate of moving expense

Eat Your Frozen Foods Up


Make sure you end monthly contracts for oil, gas and other utilities.

If moving out of the city, make your travel reservations Arrange for transfer of doctor and dentist records.

Refer to list to send out change addresses

3 Weeks Before Moving Arrange for

transportation of pets to Kennels or to stay at friends the day of the move


preparing your plants for the move

Return any library books, viceos, DVD’s. Return other borrowed items to friends/family.

Collect items in for repairs or layaway

Dispose of flammable items such as paints, matches, pressurised cans, cleaning fluids Notify

Post Office, Mail Order Accounts of Pending address change.

2 Weeks Before Moving Draw up your floor plan of your new home or get one from your REALTOR

Indicate furniture placement on each piece

Confirm Move Date with Movers. Ask what size truck they are using Start packing items you are not using regularly – i.e. out of season clothing Arrange for babysitter for moving day


Cancel Delivery Services

Cancel Utilities and make sure you get final meter readings.
1 Week Before Moving Prepare for car trip. Finish packing Suitcases and basic essentials.

Separate and plan to carry valuables with you including jewellery and currency, passports and other id.

Drain water from garden hoses.


If moving machinery, drain oil and gas

Defrost and wipe down fridge and freezer.


Don’t forget to defrost the water pan

Itemise the boxes you want to open first.


Label each box for each room it is to go into.

Clean House or get Cleaner in for final moving day, after move out.



Service Providers

Cable & Telephone
Rogers Cable 1-866-385-6151
Shaw Cable

Shaw Telephone



Telus 250-310-2255
Gas: *1-888-224-2710
Propane: Superior 1-877-873-7467
Oil: Columbia Fuels 250-474-3533
BC Hydro 1-800-224-9376
Post Office – change or address
Doctor/Health Information – local available doctors

Victoria Water (Victoria and Esquimalt) 250-361-0226
CRD Water (Westshore) 250-474-9600
Saanich Water (Saanich only) 250-475-5445
North Saanich (billed 3x a year – automatically updated with Land Titles) 250-656-0781
Your Local Municipality or
Alpine Disposal (Westshore) 250-474-5145
Ron’s Disposal (Saanich) 250-652-6242
BFI (Saanich) 250-652-4414
Waste Management (Saanich) 1-877-784-7336


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