Market Statistics for April, 2019

Always interesting to view these statistics. These numbers won’t reflect the final numbers for April of this year, yet. However, the number of active listings is telling me very clearly, that we are having a build up of inventory. It’s now at 2,749 compared to 2002 last year, at this time. This is a significant increase in the number of listings year over year.
Price changes are also high, with 163 month to date when our numbers usually run around 70 or so.
Right now you have a 47% chance of selling your home in 2019 so far compared to 38% last year chance last year.
Lessons to be learned from these statistics are:
1. Price your home well, which means don’t over price.
2. lf you aren’t getting the viewings, then likely the price is too high – change your price accordingly.
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