Open House in Thetis Heights, Langford

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We invite everyone to visit our open house at 462 Phelps Ave on 24 Apr 2022, 01:00 PM

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205 623 Treanor Ave in Thetis Heights, Langford is Sold!

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The single story at 205 623 Treanor Ave has been sold.

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Charging Electric Cars at Home

As sales of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid/electric vehicles (HEVs) increase every year, purchasers will demand greater accessibility to charging stations. Of course, the most convenient place to recharge is at home.

But not all household electrical services will be able to handle the demand. Homeowners will need to consider the power available in their homes for private charging and what it means for their vehicle. For example, new EV/HEV vehicle purchases might include an adaptor for a standard 120V household current. However, that current won’t likely provide enough power to fully charge a car battery overnight.

For faster charging, homeowners would need a dedicated 240V circuit, similar to the ones used by a standard electric clothes-dryer. Quicker, more powerful chargers, such as the type found at public recharging stations, are not currently viable for households. If a 240V circuit is accessible, check local building codes and by-laws for acceptable installations. A fully enclosed garage with access to metered power is likely to meet these requirements, but always check first. Remember, even if the purchase of an electric vehicle is not in your immediate plans, a vehicle charger will be an added feature when it’s time to sell your home.


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Open House in View Royal, Victoria

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We invite everyone to visit our open house at 286 Wilfert Rd on 11 Apr 2022, 05:30 PM

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Open House in Olympic View, Colwood

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We invite everyone to visit our open house at 595 Latoria Rd on 12 Apr 2022, 05:30 PM

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DIY Kitchen Staging Ideas that will Wow Buyers

The kitchen is one of the spaces that buyers tend to remember. They may forget the size of the third bedroom or whether or not there’s a closet in the front foyer, but the impression buyers form of your kitchen will linger on.

That’s why, when you’re selling your home, staging the kitchen to look its best is so important. Here are some tips:

  • Remove cookware, small appliances (like the electric mixer) and any other items from your countertop. Buyers like to see lots of surface space on countertops.
  • Consider doing a few minor improvements, such as replacing old cabinet hardware or a stained and scratched kitchen sink.
  • Freshen up the cabinetry. For worn wood cabinetry, there are many specialty staining and finishing products available that can be applied directly onto the old finish. Your cabinets will look almost new.
  • If the kitchen space seems tight, experiment with reorganizing or removing furniture. For example, try having four chairs around the breakfast table instead of six.
  • As much as possible, make sure everything in the kitchen is clean and shiny. Pay particular attention to the storage space under the sink. This is the cabinet door most often opened by buyers.
  • If your kitchen mats are worn, replace them. This is a relatively minor expense that can have a big impact.
  • When a viewing is scheduled, turn on the lights and open window curtains or blinds. You want your kitchen to look bright (but not blinding!).

These are all relatively simple improvements, yet each can make an enormous difference in how your kitchen looks to buyers. If your kitchen looks great – buyers will remember it!


How Much Time Should You Spend Viewing Homes?

Asking how much time you should spend viewing properties for sale is a little like asking, “How long should I spend trying on shoes?”
The answer seems obvious: As long as it takes to make a decision!
Buying a home is significantly more complex than purchasing shoes – and the stakes are higher too! You need to make sure you have all the information necessary to confidently make the best decision.
There are basically three stages to viewing a property:
When you view a home on a macro basis, you’re looking at it from an overall perspective. For example, you may do a general walk-through to get a first impression and determine if the property has the basic features you need, such as the number of bedrooms and the size of the backyard.
Macro viewing is often the fastest stage in the viewing process and can sometimes take just a few minutes.
If you like what you see, then it’s onto the micro stage. At this stage you take a closer look at the details of the property. You might, for example, spend extra time in the master bedroom imagining how your furniture would look and fit.
The micro stage takes longer simply because the home is now on your shortlist. You’re interested and are considering making an offer.
Finally, the professional stage involves getting a qualified home inspector to go over the property with a fine tooth comb. That typically occurs after you’ve made an offer.

How Emotions Can Get in the Way of Selling

Like most homeowners, you probably don’t think of your property as just a building with rooms and a backyard. To you, it’s much more than that. It’s a home.

When you walk into your dining room, for example, you don’t merely see the table and chairs. You see memories. You recall laughter with family and friends. It’s emotional.
That’s what a home is all about.

However, buyers don’t want to buy your “home”. What they really want to buy is a property that has the potential to become their home.

While you see memories of family dinners, they see room dimensions and wonder what the dining room may look like with their own furniture in it.

So, when you’re selling your property, you need to keep emotions at bay as much as possible.

In fact, the best mindset is to think of your property as a product. The more attractively you present that product to prospective buyers, the more likely you are to get good offers.

That’s why cleaning, depersonalizing, and staging are so important.

It’s also why setting a price that aligns with your home’s current market value is important. You may have put your heart and soul — and many weekends — into landscaping the backyard to make it a summer oasis. It may, in fact, be a strong selling point of your property.

But, that improvement will only increase the selling price by an amount that the market, not your emotions, dictates.

So, keep emotions out of the selling process as much as possible. Save that energy for turning your next property into your dream home.

Want more tips on selling your property for the best price possible? Call today 250-744-0775

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303 7 Gorge Rd W in Gorge, Victoria is Sold!

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The single story at 303 7 Gorge Rd W has been sold.

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How to Get the Buyer’s Perspective on your Property

When you walk through the front door of your home, you have a very different experience than a buyer would. You see the familiar. You see the memories. You see your life. In fact, you might even wonder why anyone would hesitate to fall instantly in love with your home.
Buyers, however, don’t have that same perspective.
When they walk through your front door, they see a place they’ve never been before. To them, it’s a stranger’s home. They’re looking at your property with a critical eye.

They’re asking questions like, “Is the living room large enough? Do we like the feel of the place? Is it move-in ready or do repairs and improvements need to be done? Does it feel spacious or cramped? Neat or cluttered?”
So, when preparing your property for sale, it’s important to analyze it from a buyer’s point-of-view. A good exercise is to pretend you’re a buyer and walk through your home, starting at the entranceway. Ask yourself “buyer questions” as you visit each room.
For example, when you see the kitchen, from a buyer’s perspective, what do you like about it? What do you not like? Do the same with the other rooms and spaces in your home. Imagine, as the buyer, noticing clutter, needed repairs, poorly lit areas, and rooms that feel small and confining.
Also, of course, notice those features that would likely impress a buyer, such as a modern ensuite bathroom or new and stylish kitchen appliances.
Once you’ve done that exercise, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you need to do to make your home look its best to buyers.
Remember, an interested buyer is more likely to make a good offer on a property that “shows” well.
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