Month: October 2017

205 280 Douglas St. in James Bay, Victoria is Sold!

in James Bay, Victoria The single story at 205 280 Douglas St. has been sold. Property information

Testimonial from my happy home buyers!

We had been to Victoria many times in the past few years, but our attention was all about family. We knew that it was a lovely city, but we really did not know the residential side. When we… Read More

Current Real Estate Statistics

New listing numbers are creeping up, great for buyers! List to sale ratio is 80% over the past week, showing we are still in a sting market. However price changes have increased from the spring, suggesting that sellers… Read More

Little Touch Ups That Make a Big Difference

You are probably already aware of the major things you need to do around your home to get it ready for sale. These include getting rid of clutter, doing minor repairs, and making everything clean and tidy so… Read More

Open house in James Bay, Victoria

We invite everyone to visit our open house at 280 Douglas St. on 21 Oct 2017, 01:00 PM Property information

Current Victoria Real Estate Statistics

In the past few months we have seen the list to sale ratio turn to a more balanced market. Net unconditional sales are on per diem basis… with an average of 39 listings selling per diem last year… Read More

Plan Your Move Well In Advance

One of the most common mistakes made by home buyers and sellers is not arranging for moving day well in advance. Even if you’ve just put your property on the market, or are only in the beginning stages… Read More

Open house in James Bay, Victoria

We invite everyone to visit our open house at 280 Douglas St. on 14 Oct 2017, 02:00 PM Property information

Before You Hire a Realtor in Victoria BC, Ask These 5 Questions

  Buying and Selling a home in Victoria, B.C. is a big decision. An equally big decision is choosing a Realtor. On a basic level, your Realtor is responsible for finding the best buyer for your home at… Read More

What is Your Home Worth?

In today’s market it’s important to price your home precisely if you want it sold in a reasonable time frame for the most money. I offer home evaluations that will confirm how much your home is worth and… Read More