Month: January 2017

Saanich housing prices expected to rise in 2017

Saanich still has one of the hottest real estate markets in the CRD. If you want to get into this market, I would be delighted to help.

30 January 2017 – weekly stats update

Number of sales is down this month compared to same month last year, this is due to lower inventory. This is pushing prices up. Relatively speaking, number of unconditional sales to active listings ratio is actually up but… Read More

Victoria housing market keeps rising in 2017

The supply of homes (post-holiday), has not significantly increased, and this is driving prices. Given that we live in paradise, is it any wonder? Are you trying to get into the market, and own your piece of west… Read More

“Greater Victoria housing market overvalued”, says CMHC

Demand for housing is stronger than the inventory of homes available. Spring always brings more homes to the market. Want to know what homes have sold for in your area, give me a call!  

Selling Your Home? Consider a Pre-Sale Inspection

A home inspection isn’t just useful when buying a home.  It can be invaluable when selling one, too. How? A home inspection can detect previously unknown problems that you may wish to address before putting your house on… Read More

More on home inspections …

A home inspection is a vital part of the buying process. It protects you from unknowingly purchasing a house that has serious deficiencies – and thereby turning what was initially a dream home into a nightmare. So what… Read More

Still have questions about home inspections?

I always get lots of questions surrounding home inspections, particularly in today’s market. If you have any questions or are looking for some information, give me a call.

BC Property Tax Assessment – appeals

Wondering if your #PropertyTaxAssessment is off? There is a limited time in which to appeal your assessment. Give us a call or message us. Ask us how.

Timing the market? Should you?

Is there a perfect time to sell your house? The short answer is: Whenever you’re ready. Market “timing” isn’t the only factor that influences how quickly your house will sell or for how much. The preparations you make before… Read More

How staging your home will generate competitive offers

With the market heating up after the holidays, this video gives some great advice about how to prepare your home for sale. These simple strategies generate more competitive offers, faster sales and happier clients. If you are in… Read More