3 Story For Sale in Fairfield, Victoria

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•  3132 sqft , 3 bath , 4 bdrm 3 story FOR SALE  CAD1,499,000 .

Enjoying all the charm a fabulous Fairfield in this 2000 built character home. Walk into this beautifully designed finished house and I n the right is a living room with views out the front porch and of quiet, friendly street. Beside it, the large room allows for an extra long table for family gatherings. And, at the back of the house is the modern, open concept kitchen which was recently renovated with custom-made cabinets, gas range, two dishwashers and a huge island. Adjacent to the kitchen is a lovely family room that leads out to the large deck with views of the lieutenant governor general’s house. A generous sized bedroom, bathroom and laundry round out the main floor. Upstairs at the back of the house is a huge master bedroom with walk-in closet, and generous cheater en-suite and additional bedroom on the front side, overlooking the street. On the lower level is a one bedroom/1 bath suite with walk out to the garden. The garden has an assortment of fruit trees! All of this is located within walking distance to downtown, Fairfield Plaza, beaches and excellent schools.

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Open House in Fairfield, Victoria

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We invite everyone to visit our open house at 1468 Hamley St on 26 Jan 2020, 11:00 AM

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3 Story For Sale in Bear Mountain, Langford

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•  2807 sqft , 3 bath , 1 half bath , 3 bdrm 3 story FOR SALE  CAD939,000 .
MLS® 420119

Fabulous family home located on a cul de sac in popular Bear Mtn! Welcome home to this fabulous open-concept main floor with spacious dining room leading into the large, bright living room with warm gas fireplace. Entertain your guests as they sit in the living room or hang out at the island while you prepare the meal using your high end appliances. Tons of storage including the pantry just left of the sliding glass doors to the south-facing backyard. Upstairs are 3 large bedrooms, including a master bedroom with gorgeous ensuite bathroom with soaker tub with separate shower, and a walk-in closet. There are also two more bedrooms and large bathroom for your kids. A large laundry room on this floor includes folding area and separate sink plus more cupboards. Downstairs is a large rec room and 4 piece bathroom with separate entry with rough in for kitchenette. The double car garage on the lower level has room for two large cars or trucks and has 200 Amp Panel and hot water on demand.

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Fresh Air Sells

Household smells in our own homes can be a problem because we get accustomed to them. However, it takes just a few seconds in a stranger’s home, to know if a smoker lives there. The smell is in the air!
So, when you put your home on the market, think about the common smells you might have lingering in your home. Remember, you may no longer notice them, but a prospective buyer will.
These may include:
* A diaper bin in the baby’s room.
* Kitty litter.
* Model-making glue.
* Paints, even if the cans or tubes are closed tightly.
* Food. The aroma of a spicy meal can linger for hours.
* Garbage cans. Even empty ones, if they are not clean.
* Strong smelling soaps, perfumes and other cosmetics and toiletries.
* Flowers and other plants.
* Firewood (especially pine.)
* Outdoor shoes.
* Ashtrays.
* Sinks.
* Carpets.
* Door mats. These are especially prone to stains and smells.
Try to eliminate as many odours as possible. An hour or so before a viewing, open a few windows to give your home a breath of fresh air.

Inspect Your Walls Before You Sell


Say you’re trying to sell a used car. Imagine that it’s a desirable make and model, the mileage is low, and, overall, it’s in great condition…except, that is, for the body.
Unfortunately, there are a few areas where the paint is scratched, and there are a couple of dents and rust spots too.

Are you going to have trouble selling that car? Probably. Many potential buyers will have trouble seeing past the condition of the body and hence not appreciate the true value of the vehicle.

The same thing can happen when you’re trying to sell your home.

Everything about it could be wonderful, but if the paint on the walls is faded in spots, and there are dents, scuffs and holes, buyers may notice those things more than the other more important features of your property.

So, it’s a good idea to inspect your walls to make sure they look great.

There are numerous products available at your local home improvement centre for repairing gouges and holes. Fixing them is a relatively easy do-it-yourself job.

Three Lists to Make When Selling Your Home


When you put your property up for sale, you want to make sure that potential buyers get all the information they need on the features of your home and its surrounding area. If, for example, buyers don’t realize there is a great school just a couple of blocks away, they might cross your property off their shortlist.

An effective way to make sure something like that doesn’t happen is to create three lists.

#1: The “I’ll miss it” list. Chances are, there are things about your home that you’re really going to miss when you move. One of those may be the spacious living room that’s ideal for entertaining or the nearby park with scenic trails that are perfect for walking and biking.

Whatever you’ll miss, put it on the list! Chances are, those are features that will also interest buyers.

#2: The “Just the facts” list. What are the facts about your property that a buyer needs to know in order to consider purchasing it? This may be a very long list including such items as upgrades, permit history, square footage, rental income, sprinkler system and more.

#3: The “repairs and improvements” list. Buyers are interested in the state of repair of your home, and in any improvements you have made to it. On this list include all repairs you have done during the past three years and, if possible, attach receipts. It’s especially important to include anything that has been replaced, such as the furnace or roof shingles.

If you are thinking of listing your home please call or email me 250-744-0775 or BriarHillGroup@gmail.com

What to do before the snow falls? Here are 3 pre-winter tips homeowners should do!


❄️ Mind in the Gutter
Before the snow comes, get your gutters cleared out by a professional — leave ladders to the insured experts. Tip: Make sure all downspout extensions run at least 1.5 metres away from your home’s foundations.

❄️Store Pots & Planters
If you decide to keep your collection of colourful clay pots outside for winter, make sure you empty the soil before you do. The moisture in the earth will expand when frozen, which can crack those precious ceramic containers. Tip: Removing the soil now will make it easier to re-position and replant the pots come springtime.

❄️ Drain the Hose
Watering season is over, but you’re not done with your outdoor watering system quite yet. To avoid cracked hoses and burst faucets over the winter, turn off water valves in your home and drain all remaining water from the taps and hoses. Tip: Unrolling the hose down a gentle slope will let the water run out completely.

Décor Colour Choices Can Be Psychological


Although choosing a room’s colour is highly personal, it’s worth noting that studies have linked specific colour tones to psychological behaviours. In fact, many doctors, scientists and design experts believe that certain colours can actually influence your mood or motivation.
The following list provides a general interpretation of commonly held views about how we perceive colour. It may help you decide on the colours you’ll use in your next interior painting or decorating project. While some suggested connections may seem obvious, others might surprise you.


White: cleanliness, purity, innocence.
Yellow: concentration, attentiveness, optimism.
Orange: abundance, expressiveness, passion.
Red: emotion, creativity, appetite.
Purple: status, opulence, indulgence.
Blue: trust, confidence, productivity.
Green: tranquility, comfort, nourishment.
Brown: honesty, sincerity, simplicity.
Black: contemplation, dedication, commitment.

Of course, subtle differences in hues and shades can evoke different emotional responses. As a result, complementary colours can sometimes seem to conflict with the expected psychological response to your primary selection. So, despite all the available scientific information, you should consider your instincts as well.


How to Quick-Prep Your Home for Sale


Ideally, you should plan to have plenty of time to prepare your home for sale. You want to be able to get everything fixed and cleaned up, and perhaps even make a few improvements, such as installing a new countertop in the kitchen.

For any number of reasons, that’s not always possible. If you have to suddenly relocate for work, for example, you may have only days to make your home “show ready” for the market.

What should you do? The answer is: the essentials.

First, arrange to get any maintenance issues dealt with immediately. If you have a clogged shower drain or cracked windowpane, call a professional repair person. Even if those items don’t get fixed by listing day, you can inform buyers that the repairs are scheduled – and that receipts proving that the work was done professionally will be available.

Next, you need to do a thorough clean-up. Staging experts (those who professionally prepare homes for sale) unanimously agree that making each room look neat and tidy is essential. Even something as seemingly minor as dust accumulation on blinds can impact buyers.

If you still have time available before the For Sale sign goes up, consider doing some redecorating. Stand in each room and ask yourself, “How can I make this room look more spacious and appealing?” Oftentimes, simply rearranging the furniture and moving a few items into storage will make a dramatic difference.

Yes, prepping your home on a tight schedule takes some work. However, in just two or three days, you’ll have a property that is more attractive to prospective buyers. It will show better, and, as a result, it will likely sell faster.

Looking for more ideas for selling your home, quickly? Call or email 250-744-0775 or briarhillgroup@gmail.com


Open House in Langford Proper, Langford

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We invite everyone to visit our open house at 3380 Happy Valley Rd on 17 Nov 2019, 02:00 PM

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